Solar Panels for Green Homeowners

Installing solar panels is one of the best ways homeowners can decrease or even eliminate their monthly energy bills, all while being more environmentally friendly. Our team at SunPower by Today’s Energy Store handles solar panel installations from start to finish, providing residents in Nye and Clark Counties with all the money-saving and environmental benefits of solar energy.

How Solar Panels Work

Today’s solar panels generate power through what is known as the photovoltaic effect, which means “light into electricity.” They’re made from semiconductor materials like silicon and cadmium telluride. The electrons in these materials react and energize when exposed to light, creating a flow of electric currents. One solar panel can contain dozens or hundreds of light-reactive solar cells, which create a usable voltage when combined in large groups and exposed to the bright, intense light of the sun. Energy from solar panels can be used immediately to power a home, can be stored in a battery for later use, or can even be redirected into the electricity grid.

The Benefits of Solar Panels

In addition to being environmentally friendly, solar panels offer homeowners a range of economic benefits. Because harnessing energy from the sun is essentially free, homeowners can quickly begin to see reductions to their monthly energy bills, or even have some costs eliminated altogether. The solar energy harnessed by panels over the course of a day is often enough to power a home 24/7, and adding additional energy storage capabilities from products such as the Tesla Powerwall only improve overall energy efficiency. Homeowners using solar panels may also see tax credits and rebates, which can offset some of the initial costs of installation. Solar panels and other solar-related home energy equipment can also increase a home’s resale value by protecting the roof from the elements and saving future owners the trouble and costs of installing panels on their own.

Why Choose SunPower by Today’s Energy Store

For over a decade, we have been providing residents in the Henderson, NV area with home solar solutions. Our team takes care of clients throughout the entire transition-to-solar process, from providing an initial energy audit and solar quote to installation, maintenance, and customer support. Our enthusiastic customer reviews and successful past projects demonstrate that SunPower by Today’s Energy Store is committed to moving area residents toward a greener, smarter, and more efficient life.

To learn more about how our solar panels and other solar energy services can improve your home, or to request a free energy audit, contact us online or call 702-558-1500.

SunPower by Today's Energy Store technician doing solar panel installation in Henderson, NV