Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

SunPower by Today’s Energy Store offers high-quality residential solar panels that reduce the energy usage of your home, lowering your utility bills, and preserving natural resources. If you’ve been thinking about solar panel installation, consider our locally-owned business. We’ve been serving Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners since 2008.

Solar Panel Installation

With solar panels, you can take advantage of the sun’s energy to limit your use of resources such as coal and natural gas. These panels work best on rectangular sections of roof that face the south and have plenty of space for installation. Ideally, the area is free of trees and buildings that would cast shade on the panels.

Before installation, your roof should be in good condition and free of rot. When a roof replacement is required for panel installation, the two projects can be completed together for optimal efficiency.

SunPower solar panels carry an industry-leading warranty. Our customers have the peace of mind of 100 percent coverage for replacement and repair costs for 25 years, including parts, labor, shipping, and associated fees. We also guarantee that your panels will retain at least 93 percent of their efficiency for at least 25 years.

What to Expect

Solar panel installation follows a step-by-step process. Our team will measure your home and create a quote based on the size of your property and your energy needs. Once we create a design that you approve, we will obtain the proper permits from your municipality. When we have permits, the installation process can take from one to seven days depending on the size of the project. Our team will guide you through the final inspection, during which your local utility provider will ensure that the panels are properly installed.

Lease vs. PPA

Customers can finance their solar panels with either a SunPower lease or a power purchase agreement (PPA). We recommend the SunPower lease because it includes high-quality equipment. Our customers benefit from our zero down payment program with a low fixed interest rate. Over time, you can expect to save at least 30 percent compared with your current utility costs without solar panels.

SunPower by Today’s Energy Store holds Master Dealer certification, a testament to the pride we take in offering exceptional products and customer service. Contact us online or call (702) 558-1500 to request a quote for SunPower solar panels for your home. You can also browse our gallery of completed solar panel projects.