Solar Energy Overview and Benefits

Solar energy is an affordable, safe, and environmentally-friendly choice for homes and businesses. It is an increasingly popular option for people looking to make an investment by locking in low-cost energy for years and years to come. In Nevada, where nearly 300 days out of each year are sunny, solar is especially beneficial. That’s why there are nearly 40,000 solar installations across the state, and the number is only growing. SunPower by Today’s Energy Store contributes to this rising number by providing solar panel installation services to residents in the Henderson, NV area.

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the most abundant power source on the planet. Sunlight is a continuous stream of energy particles called photons. A solar panel is made up of a number of photovoltaic cells that harness this energy. When the sunlight hits the panel, it hits a semiconductor and knocks electrons loose which generates an electric current. This electric current can be fed immediately into a home’s power supply or stored in batteries like the Tesla Powerwall for use at night.

Is Solar Energy Right for Me?

If you live in Nevada, the short answer is probably yes. Solar installations are at their most efficient and productive in climates that receive plenty of sunshine year-round, and Nevada certainly qualifies. Structurally, homeowners need to make sure their roof can support the weight, which is usually only an issue in older homes. The ideal roof faces south or west and has a pitch of about 30 degrees, but roofs that don’t meet these specifications can still produce large amounts of solar energy.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

Solar energy delivers a range of benefits on multiple levels. On a global scale, a move to renewable energy and away from fossil fuels is an essential part of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and staving off global warming. For the individual, solar energy is a smart financial move. With SunPower by Today’s Energy Store, our solar leasing program offers solar energy for as little as $0.08 per kWh, with cost savings of up to 30% versus utility-provided electricity. Further, a lease lets customers lock in their rate at a fixed monthly payment, giving long-term security and reliability.

SunPower by Today’s Energy Store is a locally owned business that has been serving Henderson, Las Vegas, and the surrounding area since 2008. As a SunPower Master Dealer, we have been recognized for our commitment to excellent customer service and dedication to providing the highest quality installations. See what our customers have to say about us in our reviews to get an idea of the benefits of working with SunPower by Today’s Energy Store. If you’re ready to do right by planet earth and lower your monthly energy bill, call 702-558-1500 today for a free energy audit and solar quote.